TMC Connect FAQs

TMC Connect FAQs

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Frequently asked questions

Please find a list of Frequently asked questions in relation to our services.

Who is TMC Connect?2023-08-11T04:02:04+10:00

TMC Connect is the telecommunications division of TMC (The Message Centre Pty Ltd) an Australian-owned and operated provider of 24/7 outsourced business support solutions, specialising in tailoring solutions to meet your specific requirements.

How can I Customise a Solution for My Business?2023-08-11T04:06:26+10:00

How long is a piece of string might be the adage here. The good news is that at TMC, we specialise in developing a business support solution to address your pain points. Give us a call and put us to the test!

What Reporting do I get with TMC Connect?2023-08-11T04:09:21+10:00

TMC Connect provide full data in relation to your services activities. Our service includes a web-portal with full reporting. We also offer customized Business Intelligence Reporting via our TMC Client Portal. Talk to one of our service consultants to explore options across your specific needs.

What is Account Management?2023-08-11T04:06:07+10:00

At TMC we provide an account management approach to all our clients, so that you have a simple access to our team for support, accounts or growing and evolving your service/s with us.

What is Local Support?2023-08-11T04:06:35+10:00

TMC is very proudly Australian owned and operated, based in Melbourne. Needless to say this is where our support team are based also, thus giving you access to people who understand and can respond to your needs.

What are Competitive Rates?2023-08-11T04:06:43+10:00

Not all telecommunication providers are the same, whether it is the way they use their networks to deliver calls, or the support they provide once you become a customer. At TMC Connect we pride ourselves on rates that reflect premium (“top tier”) networks and services, supported by a team of locally based experts.

What is a Critical Information Summary?2023-08-11T04:09:38+10:00

This is important information you should familiarise yourself with when selecting telecommunications services and plans.

What are Phone Systems?2023-08-11T03:08:54+10:00

Phone systems (also known as a PBX) are used to enable businesses to receive calls from customers via any one of their staff. Typically, this entails a system that connects one or more extensions to users. TMC Connect offers a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) PBX which is hosted and is billed on a monthly basis (saving capital outlay).

What is Hosted PBX?2023-08-11T03:09:06+10:00

Hosted PBX is simply a phone system that is delivered via the internet or the cloud. TMC Connect hosts the system and you just pay minimal monthly fees for access, extensions, and any usage. You can purchase handsets or an app to enable access via computer or mobile. There is a broad range of functionality for your Hosted PBX and configurations can be self-managed or via TMC Connect.

How Do I Choose the Right PBX?2023-08-11T03:23:39+10:00

A PBX can be purchased outright at significant capital investment or, as is the case with TMC Connect, can be hosted for you at a minimal monthly fee. The PBX is made up of users, who either each have their own extension or can share extensions. The number of extensions is flexible. TMC Connect provides sufficient capacity to handle simultaneous calls. Users can have either softphones (accessed by computer or mobile) or a handset. Handsets can be standard to advanced, with displays and multifunction capability, or conference handsets or full featured attendant consoles for more complex business applications.

What are SIP Trunks?2023-08-11T03:10:16+10:00

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunks provide the connection between your on-premise system / hosted PBX. In most cases these are included in the Hosted PBX we have configured to suit your needs.

What is VOIP?2023-08-11T03:11:47+10:00

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology used to deliver voice and multimedia sessions over the internet.

What are Softphones?2023-08-11T03:14:04+10:00

Quite simply these are software-based extensions to which you connect a headset via the computer.

Can I Integrate my Mobiles with a Phone System?2023-08-11T03:42:29+10:00

Yes, this is one of the benefits of a hosted Phone System, whereby, using an application, a mobile device can be integrated as though it were an extension.

What are Telephone Numbers?2023-08-11T03:00:16+10:00

Telephone numbers are those numbers businesses utilise to advertise their business. These can be either Inbound Local (eg 03xxxxxxxx), 1300, 1800, 13 Numbers. The type of Inbound number you would use depends on whether you are prepared to take on all incoming charges, just some or none and whether you need advanced features such as Call routing based on regions or time of day, etc. TMC Connect offers all these services as well as international services should you have offices overseas.

What are 13 Numbers?2023-08-11T03:00:31+10:00

Are typically used for by businesses wanting to keep their number as simple as possible so it can be easily remembered. Consequently, there is a high premium to obtain one. However, any business can get the benefit. Call rates however are similar to the 1300 service.

What are 1300 Numbers?2023-08-11T03:00:46+10:00

Are typically used for B2B. However, any business can get the benefit. Callers will typically be charged a local call to connect and you will be charged time based for the call.

What are 1800 Numbers?2023-08-11T03:01:00+10:00

Are typically used for B2C. However, any business can get the benefit. Callers will not be charged for the call, and you will be charged time based for the call.

What are Local Numbers?2023-08-11T03:01:13+10:00

These are the basic phone numbers, with a local prefix such as 03, whereby the prefix is based on the geographic area in which your business is located.

What are International Numbers?2023-08-11T03:01:25+10:00

International phone numbers allow businesses to field calls from other countries, which may have different dialling protocols, with the uniformity and consistency of a single number, which can be local or toll free. These calls can be answered within Australia if needed.

What does it cost to host an International Telephone Number?2023-08-11T03:45:31+10:00

This will vary depending on the country. Please request a quote specific to your needs via one of our customer service consultants.

What are Smart Numbers?2023-08-11T03:01:39+10:00

Smart Numbers are available via ACMA numbering Scheme and can be either 13, 1300, 1800 numbers. They are purchased or leased and varying rates dependent on the number type, attractiveness of the number.

How Do I Choose the Right Telephone Number to Advertise My Business?2023-08-11T03:25:42+10:00

Your choice of telephone number can be based on the need to be seen as local (local inbound Number), or national (1300 or 1800) with the option of whether or not you want the caller to be able to call you for free. There are 13 numbers also which are much easier to remember and it is possible to have personalised numbers (eg spelling out your business name, or with easy to recall digit layout – eg double digits, repeating digits, etc). Calls are time based and monthly fees are variable depending on the options you choose, some of which include quite sophisticated call routing options such as time of day, geography, etc.

What is Inbound Number routing?2023-08-11T03:28:09+10:00

Inbound routing determines where you need calls to be answered (for example via a phone system or live answering service).

How Do I Request Inbound Number Routing?2023-08-11T03:29:26+10:00

This can be done as part of your initial Local Number/13/1300/1800 application with us, or if you have an existing service, we can also assist. If TMC Connect is hosting your number, then this can be managed by TMC Connect or self-managed via your TMC Connect web portal.

How Do I Set Up Call Diversions?2023-08-11T03:50:01+10:00

Call diversions are controlled by the user, typically via the phone system or a mobile. Each has its own nuances; however, the typical diversions are on busy, on no answer or according to set times. In the case of mobiles or landlines these can be programmed via the handset in most cases, otherwise your network provider may need to assist. If TMC Connect is hosting your number, then this can be managed by TMC Connect or self-managed via your TMC Connect web portal.

What are Internet Services?2023-08-11T03:16:21+10:00

Internet services are delivered most commonly via NBN to enable digital connection for business for both telephony (VOIP) and data. TMC Connect offers both VOIP Hosted PBXs and various NBN internet services.

What is Business Fibre?2023-08-11T03:18:12+10:00

Business fibre utilises fibre optic cables without the use of an existing copper network. This provides extreme speed and bandwidth.

What is Business Enterprise NBN?2023-08-11T03:21:07+10:00

Business & Enterprise NBN is a higher quality NBN service that is available in selected areas with speeds up to 1000MBps over symmetrical End-to-end fibre with a static IP address.

What is Fixed Wireless Broadband?2023-08-11T03:19:53+10:00

Fixed Wireless Broadband typically use directional radio antenna rather than cables to deliver broadband solutions. These could be very useful in scenarios where there may be no cable available or where there is a need to provide network redundancy.

How Do I Choose the Right NBN Connection?2023-08-11T03:22:21+10:00

Of course, requirement is balanced with cost, and as such, if you are unsure, please contact us so that we can identify the most appropriate solution based on your needs and budget.

What is Live Answering?2023-08-11T03:30:44+10:00

Live Answering Services are provided via a contact centre provider, where humans (sometime referred as Agents) take calls on your behalf, enabling you to free up staff for other activities, extend your own capacity or hours of operation and more. Live Answering services can complement a Phone System or IVR or an individual phone number. TMC Connect provides a complete range of live answering services to suit any industry or application via TMC who will customise a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

Can I use a Live Answering Service with a Phone System?2023-08-11T03:38:00+10:00

Yes, this very common, usually to help deal with unforeseen call volumes, your reception or staff are unavailable or afterhours.

Do I need a Phone System to have a Live Answering Service?2023-08-11T03:40:12+10:00

No, you can opt to divert your business number directly to a live answering service, providing the full advantage of a contact centre behind your business regardless of its size.

What are Hosted IVR Solutions?2023-08-11T03:31:00+10:00

Hosted IVR Solutions (Interactive Voice Response) are used where you need automated responses by way of Options for callers to help direct/self-serve to the best place in your business. Each Option will have its own recording to advise callers of the next step in connecting to the right department, or to simply provide a recorded message/instruction. IVRs can complement your PBX or can be standalone. TMC connect Hosted IVR is customized to your requirements.

How Do I Request an IVR?2023-08-11T03:33:24+10:00

An Interactive Voice Response service can be configured with some simple guidance from our customer support and sales team.

Can I use an IVR with a Phone System?2023-08-11T03:34:42+10:00

Yes, this is a common application whereby each option will be directed to an extension or group of extensions, for example Option 1 to Sales, Option 2 to Service, etc.

What is a Custom Audio Greeting?2023-08-11T03:32:08+10:00

Customisation extends to your audio greeting, produced by our expert voice artists. Hold music can be composed for you and we can design message banks and menu selection options that suit your needs. There are no limitations when it comes to IVR customisation. If we don’t offer the functionality you require, we will build it for you.

What is a Business Intro?2023-08-11T03:44:13+10:00

Customisation extends to your audio greeting, produced by our expert voice artists. Hold music can be composed for you and we can design message banks and menu selection options that suit your needs. There are no limitations when it comes to IVR customisation. If we don’t offer the functionality you require, we will build it for you.

How does TMC Connect produce IVR and Business Intro Audio files?2023-08-11T03:47:02+10:00

TMC Connect uses an outsource service provider to produce and deliver high quality and professional IVR and Business Intro audio files.

Can I take my Custom IVR and Business Intro audio file with me if I Chose to Cancel my TMC Connect Service?2023-08-11T03:48:08+10:00

Yes, we believe that audio files are the property of our clients. In fact, once produced, we always provide a copy of the audio file to our clients.

What is Hardware?2023-08-11T04:03:32+10:00

Hardware is the physical handset or other devices for users of a Phone System. These can be of a basic, handsfree/conference, or sophisticated design. TMC Connect offers a range of high quality handsets for you to match to your office setup.

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